Saundhaus was conceived in 1998 by Eric Kauschen as an outcropping of his work done with his former company Metal Palace and personal research into the science of music as discussed by Greek philosophers Pythagoras and Nicomachus. The concept behind saundhaus is simply stated in it’s slogan, “The Art and Science of Music.” Taking it’s cue from the Bauhaus movement, saundhaus seeks to incorporate art and science along with hermetic philosophy and psychology. This bringing together of many realms of action, synthesis and remanifestation in the realm of music makes saundhaus a unique concept.

While the name may give the impression that the music of saundhaus will be akin to the electronic and experimental music of the early part of the 20th century nothing could be farther from the truth, The music created by saundhaus covers the entire spectrum of music from classical to electronica and everything in between.

Saundhaus exists as a school of experimentation to work with music and all forms of media in an organic way and as a vehicle for the presentation of that to the public. Currently, those working within the structure of saundhaus are geographically located in California. As saundhaus grows it will extend further to encompass the entire United States and hopefully the world. Expect to see music as a focus, but you’ll also be seeing DVD’s and books coming out in the near future. Saundhaus grows by adapting to the new cutting edge of technology and want to continue to be at the forefront in this aspect. Saundhaus is no longer just a music company, but it now involved in all forms of media.

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