By Lady Akeru

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The C’thulu Sadhana is a ritual exercise intended to stimulate the awakening of the fire snake within. By doing this one can achieve various manifestation related results including lucid dreams, OBEs, and gnosis. There is no limit to what lies dormant waiting to be unleashed from within.

The idea is to chant, and activate a particular chakra. Visualize something rising up at each point. This will help to crystallize what you are trying to manifest. A common visualization would be a flame, starting at the base of your spine and working its way up through the top of your head. Another common suggestion would be a serpent rising. A variation is to give the serpent an oval head, perhaps this head is jeweled or otherwise portrayed. The title of this working, and another suggestion is to visualize C’thulu rising up.

C’thulu can be thought to correspond to the fire snake that lies dormant in each of us waiting to be activated. Like HPL’s monster, some of the things that rise up may be unpleasant. Sometimes in life we need to drain the poison from our “wounds” even if they are psychological or experiential.

The words that are chanted with the note and frequency used and area activated.

Loom D 2Hz Base of spine, anus
Hem E 3Hz Genitals
Rome F 5Hz Solar Plexus
Yayme G 7Hz Heart
Veem A 9Hz Throat
Ahm B 12Hz Brow
Ynng A minor Chord 2/5/12Hz Crown
Ynngai imaloo tesh C’thulu
The seven mantra words are words I developed from my work with the Yew Working, the Lam Sadhana (which contains traditional yogic mantra words) and other vowel sounds. The last four words are Yugothic words, three I created which mean, “Up (and) down goes C’thulu.” This statement is intended to bring whatever you are visualizing back down where it started.

Using vocalizations that seem like nonsense words have an ability to help the mind disconnect itself from normal perception. In practice each individual may find different words or sounds that better activate the chakras and serve individual purposes. Intention will provide a great deal of stimulation towards a particular result.

Researchers have reported that during moments of intense visualization or meditation both sides of the brain are active, not just one side. While chanting researchers have found that subjects will achieve this same effect some of the time but not with regular results. Using binaural beats the ability to simultaneously activate both sides of the brain can be achieved with consistency. By combining the two we set ourselves up as more active participants, and increase our success rates at what we are trying to accomplish.

All the sounds on the CD are in the Dorian key of D. The Egyptians favored this key, and it it also the most symmetrical scale. It would appear to offer the most perfect ladder between the stars and earth.

Each sound on the CD lasts for 30 seconds. The sounds go from Delta to Theta to Alpha and may feel to rise. After the seventh sound there is 30 seconds of 40 Hz gamma with no chanting. This may feel like a release, or you may feel a push upward. This is followed by two minutes of Theta in D, where the Ynggai imaloo tesh C’thulu is chanted.

In preparation for using the CD, find a quiet spot. Treat it like a working. Try to engage as many senses as possible. Burn incense, have items to touch and look at. You may feel affects the first time, but do not expect immediate results. The nature of an exercise routine is that it will take practice to get the results that you are after.

Some other correspondences you may find useful:

Loom Muladhadra Smell Saturday Saturn Adrenal Gland Survival Issues
Hem Svadistana Taste Sunday Sun Sexual organs, spleen Emotions
Rome Manipura Sight Monday Moon Digestive organs Mastery of Self
Yayme Anahata Touch Tuesday Mars Thymus gland Love & Compassion
Veem Visuddha Sound Wednesday Mercury Thyroid Communication, Creativity
Ahm Ajna Intellect Thursday Jupiter Pituitary or pineal gland Third Eye
Ynng Saharara Connection w/Spirit Friday Venus Pituitary or pineal gland Full Enlightenment
Lam Sadhana Michael Staley
Healing Sounds Jonathan Goldman
Mysteries of the Vowel Sounds Joscelyn Godwin
Yew Working Edred Thorsson