Eric Kauschen was born September 6th,1962. He began his musical career at the age of four playing the piano by ear, figuring out popular songs of the time. With an instinctive feel for music he was accepted at the age of seven by a former concert pianist with the San Francisco Symphony, Francesca Browning.

Eric’s piano studies continued for nine years during which time he tookpart in numerous piano examinations securing a top award in the International Mozart category. During this period, Eric experimented with numerous other instruments including trumpet, flute, clarinet, marimba and tympani.

At the age of 16 Eric underwent a major change. Like so many musicians before him he discovered the guitar. Eric set aside all other instruments and began an intense period of study with San Francisco pop music icon Alex Guiness. During this time Eric learned more than just how to play the guitar, he learned the theory behind Rock, Jazz and Classical music. Something his nine years of classical piano had never taught him. He learned to emulate the styles of many of the great guitarists and through a synthesis of their styles developed his own unique signature sound. During this time he served as guitarist for several local bands, most notably the self proclaimed “San Francisco’s greatest unknown band–Black Wulf.”

While quite the afficianado of the huge Heavy Metal scene of the 80’s, Eric was drawn to many types of music outside the genre which led him back to his musical beginnings with a new twist. He began an exploration of electronic music and synthesizers. Eric served as the Assistant to the Director of San Francisco State University’s Electronic Music Studio, being instrumental in assembling an arsenal of synthesizers and related equipment for the students. Several of his early works were compiled and presented at the International Electronic Music Exposition in Italy in 1986. Most notable was the piece “Armageddon” a techno-dance piece that was considered many years ahead of it’s time.

Eric still had a strong affection for classical music and in discovering the works of Walter/Wendy Carlos developed a synergistic blend of classical composition and synthesizers. His first offering was the “The Symphony of the Nine Angles”. A hauntingly dark blend of classical stylings and H. P. Lovecraft imagery.

Currently, Eric serves as the CIO and digital audio and MIDI advisor to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Peter Miller’s Audio Institute of America.

Eric Kauschen uses exclusively: