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The purpose of this working is to awaken areas of your subconscious. An ideal medium for this would be through enriched dream activity or creative visions. During this working I am using the idea of feeding C’thulu and ourselves, to literally feed your dreams and nourish any subconscious issues you wish to bring forth.

Consider C’thlulu as representing chaos, and chaos has a place in the world. Order can come from chaos. R’lyeh, the place where C’thulu dreams can be considered to represent the parts of our self that we do not always get to see. You can give yourself permission to see those parts of your self.

The working is prerecorded, meant to enhance the experience of all the sounds and in particular to try out our new Yuggothic “R’lyeh Dialect” in the darkness. I asked Dr. Michael Aquino if I could use his Yuggothic words as listed in Appendix 74, for my project and was granted permission. I started creating words from there and asked the Lodge for help with some words as well. Once the working was written in English and I translated into the R’lyeh Dialect it became clear it was going to be difficult to effectively do what I wanted to do live. I knew that the technology to record a working is at our disposal. Sir Gawain has wanted to experiment with this idea for some time and this seemed like the time to do it –when we had a new language to experiment with.

The music used in the working was made from what we call “Theta Beats” which are beats that are four beats per second, tending to have the qualities to generate Theta Waves in human brains- that “Aha sensation”. We are also using Rosicrucian Vowel Sounds, selected by meaning to suit our purposes for the working. They are sung by William Duke, at normal pitch and changed to a Baritone, by myself and by Sir Gawain.

The vowel sounds by Dr. Spencer Lewis that we chose to use are Th’o(F#) – Invigorating, Rah(A)- Male -Creative power, Mah(A)- Female Creative power, Mea(C) – Attunes with cosmos Ehm(B)- Sleep Inducing.

We did this working at a site at the Pacific Ocean called Land’s End, written about by Anton LaVey and Sir Gawain although you could choose any location by the water under the stars.

The working begins with Igatebayboryzohd, which is the planetary name for the day of May 25, 2003. I did this phonetically using seed words described in Hermetic Magic by Stephen Flowers so it would be easiest to pronounce upon reading. The syllables mean: Ig- Sun in Taurus, At-Moon in Pisces, Eb – Mercury in Aries, Ayb – Venus in Aries, Or – Mars in Capricorn, Yz- Jupiter in Cancer, Ohde- Saturn in Gemini. This was determined using Betz sidereal ephemeris.

Lady Akeru, Sir Gawain, Dame Patrica and Sir Otto chant the word.

The nine angles in Yuggothic is spoken by me, Sir Gawain used a processor on my voice to change it from a woman’s soprano to a man’s baritone. During the working I visualized the angles of the Seal of Runa in order as they were spoken.

The calling of the decans are in some cases are transliterations of their Egyptian names or variations of these names. These are the star constellations rising on May 25, 2003, calculated using Starry Night software. The decans are chanted by Sir Otto, Dame Patricia, Lady Akeru and Sir Gawain. The fog obscured my view of the stars, but I knew they were there.

The main body of the working is spoken in English by Sir Gawainand simultaneously in Yuggothic by Lady Akeru.

The first interactive part is to consume salt. We used gray sea salt on brown bread.

The next interactive part is to feed C’thulu. We used frozen fish food capsules that we had put into small containers ahead of time. (They did defrost so be warned if you do this ahead of time) Each initiate was given a container and selected a spot to throw the food in.

Cast of Players

Sir Otto Igatebayborezohd, Calling of the decans
Dame Patricia Igatebayborezohd, Calling of the decans
Lady Akeru Igatebayborezohd, 9 Angles in Yuggothic, Calling of the decans, Yuggothic, Singing of the vowel sounds
Sir Gawain Igatebayborezohd, Calling of the decans, Celebrant, Singing of the vowel sounds
William Duke Singing of the vowel sounds
Reference: Dr. Spencer Lewis, HP Lovecraft, Michael Aquino, Pat Hardy, Hermetic Magic, Stephen Flowers, Betz Sidereal Ephemeris.