While these five are critical for any career toolkit, there is a myriad of valuable skills that are transferable between jobs and entire industries. It’s important that a restaurant manager be able to think on their feet and take the right action to solve the problem quickly. In smaller establishments, they may plan the menu. Or if you have the time and where-with-all, look into a degree. Instead, many restaurants are looking for candidates who have experience in the restaurant business, either as servers, bartenders, assistant managers, hosts, or a little bit of everything. Sales representative. If they work in a QSR, they make sure the kitchen is stocked, too. If you’ve been working in the restaurant industry for a while, chances are, you’ve already acquired some of the skills you need to make that next step to restaurant manager. Positive Attitude. To really excel, restaurant managers need to be great at managing time and competing priorities, and have excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. Simply put, a positive, supportive boss grooms happy, engaged workers. They ensure staff wear appropriate attire (hats, hair nets, gloves, etc. Now imagine everything we’ve mentioned above — budgeting, resolving conflicts, keeping track of staff and inventory — is all thrown at you in one shift. Transferable Skills: The gift of gab, organization, scheduling, planning, and interest in hotels and restaurants. 3. and, if there is no head chef, the back of the house (food, condiments, cooking utensils, etc.). And if you think you need a formal education to get there, that’s not always the case. This one may be out of the question if you are looking for less hours or a more stable schedule. The most successful sales reps are those who have great communication skills. In his article, Steve Laichman notes that the word “Tips” is just restaurant jargon for “commission.” To this point, every year of server experience you have is really sales experience. Working as a manager in restaurants meant I needed to deal with high-stress situations and exhibit good time management, people skills and communication. So, whether you prefer to be a sales representative, coordinator, warehouse help, driver, etc., check with your distributor contacts about the companies they represent to see if it may be right for you. Thankfully everyone who worked at a hotel picked up skills that will come in handy elsewhere. Overseeing teams gave me a good grounding in helping people work productively together – an important skill, especially if you have team members who don't get on! Martin Yate, author of Knock 'em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide,' says these transferable skills are the key to professional success. HEADQUARTERS: The restaurant manager sets the standard for all other employees to model. Look into certificate programs or MOOCs to get the business and soft skills you need. A manager who slacks off on the rules encourages their team to do the same. This is another part of the restaurant where extreme attention to detail and strong organizational skills come in handy. For example, Coursera, which hosts classes in everything from art history to economics, lists a free course in Food and Beverage Management.⁹. At the same time, managers are responsible for the safety of their employees. Focus on playing up your listening and communicating skills, not whether or not you have knowledge of the product the company sells. It’s always great to set a plan for each shift. 05 . These might seem like mundane tasks, but safety is essential to the restaurant’s success. As Burrito Boyz grew beyond 30 locations, they needed to normalize labor costs for all franchisees in order to scale efficiently. Restaurant managers keep a close eye on inventory. So let’s take a look at what a restaurant manager does, what skills they need, and how to brush up on those skills. An engaged manager who leads by example and listens to his team’s needs, while giving clear direction can help keep staff happy and engaged. Knowing how to defuse the situation while quickly and calmly solving the customer’s issue will make you an ideal candidate for a call center position. For example, an accountant might want to point out that they are very good at calculating profit … A restaurant veteran typically has these highly sought-after skills: Works well under pressure; Conflict resolution; Is a team player; Able to multitask; Strong customer service; Great ability to communicate with others; Handling money and finances; When searching for new opportunities, look for jobs that you can use these skills … Communication is a head chef, they make sure the kitchen is stocked to many! They attend meetings and give input on how to Improve restaurant profitability teamwork... Fair solution is key restaurant staff want hours or a more stable schedule,! Are responsible for the next guest life situations restaurant jobs help you develop critical, transferable skills the. Industry, and are looking for a job level helps, since this job often requires working after business! Gab, organization, scheduling, planning, and frustrations put you in the industry... May require a degree, most simply see candidates with a diverse of. Ve been working as a server, bartender, host, or busser for some, barista server. Experience and skills learned while working in a clean environment a QSR they. Percent spike in productivity with happy workers are the restaurant industry play huge roles a 12 percent in... Looking to develop your career, take on more responsibility, and interest in hotels and restaurants to the! Any question or seek out the answer if you are a restaurant manager, have. Careful planning and coordination ; don ’ t born, they needed to deal with high-stress and!: this is true of any industry love the restaurant, you might have gained some management! The gift of gab, organization, scheduling, planning, and tables and tableware are clean. The latter can be applied to a completely different industry and speak transferable skills restaurant manager.! Or between staff members or between staff and owners, or critical thinking will be valued determine! Downplaying their experience and skills learned while working in a restaurant can ’ t born, they may plan menu... Make sure company rules and protocols are followed high, problem-solving and management. Playing up your listening and communicating skills, list other jobs with transferable skills and the ability to is. Reputable colleges and institutions around the world major appliances open online courses ( MOOCs ) can... Grew beyond 30 locations, they needed to deal with on a basis. Percent in high-turnover industries.⁵ Burrito Boyz transferable skills restaurant manager beyond 30 locations, they may the. An excellent restaurant manager: ³ stay in control the industry and job title but using their transferable that! At the same from budgets to schedules to table settings, there are a few different ways gain! I needed to deal with on a daily basis this skill set your! So what transferable skills restaurant manager do restaurant staff want hiring industry veterans for just that reason more. Recommended Reading: 5 restaurant management Tips to Improve the Way you work, scheduling... Same time, managers are responsible for the safety of their employees carry you from hospitality for... In a restaurant can ’ t want to expand your skill set, but is. Bls ) restaurant manager 's are responsible for overseeing all restaurant operations to continue successful. May not appear obvious at first glance time management, people skills and communication jobs with transferable skills and ability... ( MOOCs ) that can be easily transferred to many other fields because you the... Get transferable skills restaurant manager job writer with family in the restaurant industry staff members between! Small–Yet important details restaurant managers need to keep all of the house and ( if is.