With lemon juice, oregano, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper, the flavors are zesty and powerful. With only 2 grams of net carbs per serving, you're going to want as much of this juicy marinade flavor as you can get. Low-Carb Tomato Chicken and Mushrooms — Recipe — Diet Doctor Either way, the resulting chicken marinade is going to taste incredible. Primal Mayo is made with avocado oil, organic eggs, and rosemary extract. It is also quick to make in less than 10 minutes, with ingredients available in any ordinary home kitchen. That chicken looks amazing – so succulent and juicy but brown and crispy! ), garlic, ginger, jalapeños, and a few other straightforward ingredients, this recipe is totally customizable. To make a two-ingredient mayo, place the egg yolk in a deep, medium-sized metal or ceramic bowl. You can substitute the breast for chicken thighs for a more juicy and fatty meal. This marinade is a great recipe to use if you're in a time crunch. The taste is quite similar to a chicken parmesan but it’s 100x easier to make and doesn’t use any breadcrumbs. Season to taste with salt. No need to dirty up a bunch of dishes with this one-pan meal! Deliciously made with shredded chicken, spaghetti squash, cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, mozzarella cheese, crispy bacon, and seasoned beautifully. Whether you like unique marinade flavors, such as lemon dill or peanut, or prefer the classics, like BBQ or ranch, you are sure to find some delicious marinade recipes within this post! This keto mayo chicken tastes the best when served right out of the oven. Theme by Bluchic. Track exercise, weight, ketones, blood glucose, and body measurements. Using olive oil, paprika, minced garlic, and a few other key ingredients, this is an easy keto friendly marinade that you're going to love. Allow chicken to marinate for at least an hour. To make the sauce, combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Internet’s Best Low-Carb Baked Mayo-Parmesan Chicken is great for low-carb diet plans, including Keto, and it’s also a low-glycemic dish. Other than that, you just need at least 30 minutes for marinating! I bake it, so could that have something to do with it? 25+ Easy Keto Chicken Recipes - Best Low-Carb Chicken Ideas Packed with maple dijon flavor, this low-carb recipe is perfect for your next chicken meal. Chicken Salad Ingredients: This keto chicken salad is absolutely packed with all of my favorite things! Sep 15, 2013 - A wonderful marinade for chicken. This keto mayo chicken tastes the best when served right out of the oven. This yummy keto chicken breast marinade contains just 0.5 grams of net carbs per serving! Lemon dill keto chicken marinade is a great option if you're looking for a marinade with as few ingredients as possible. Lime juice: this ingredient is actually optional but adds a zesty kick to the sauce… The tasty, juicy chicken that this marinade creates is perfect for pairing with salads, veggies, and even fall-approved comfort foods like mashed potatoes or low-carb stuffing. If you're not a fan of mayo, feel free to substitute it with full-fat plain yogurt! Adding garlic to savory and protein-packed dishes is always such a tasty option, and it's the MVP ingredient of this delicious low-carb garlic chicken recipe. You can even make it a bit spicier by increasing the amount of jalapeño seeds you include! Essentially, all you do is throw everything into a food processor and blend! It provides sweetness without being filled with sugar or loaded in carbs. If you have some additional time set aside though, your chicken will taste even better as you can marinate the chicken for longer to really enhance the resulting flavors! Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party – hope to see you there tomorrow too! This keto parmesan crusted chicken with mayo tastes great with some cauliflower rice or mash, broccoli, green beans, avocado or a simple fresh salad. It's 100% free of soy, canola oil, sugar, and dairy. Delicious and healthy, keto avocado mayo is a great condiment to make sandwiches tastier, sauces thicker, dips more tempting, and marinated chicken flavorsome. Can You Eat Beans on the Keto Diet? Though this ingredient list appears longer than the other recipes in this post, it's still just as easy, requiring less than 15 minutes to prep time. If you're one for tangy flavors, you're going to LOVE this keto grilled chicken peanut sauce recipe. Set a net carbohydrate goal and search and log over 1 million foods and recipes. Since this recipe only uses 3 ingredients, make sure you use the best kind that you have available. I use this recipe, it is a copycat of Panera’s Thai Chili Vinaigrette. Firstly, it’s so simple to throw together on a busy weeknight when I just can’t spend more than 5 minutes preparing dinner (This dish doesn’t require any babysitting when it’s cooking!). This stuff is amazing! Keto Greek Chicken Marinade. Mayo is naturally very high in fat so it makes a great condiment for the keto diet. Some recipes call for the use of yogurt, which isn’t the best low-carb/keto option. When all is said and done, this delicious marinated chicken recipe only contains 2 grams of net carbs per serving. Some keto dieters swear by only using mayonnaise that’s made with avocado oil. It's such a wonderful keto marinade for chicken, and you're going to love it! Hope you enjoy making this low carb parmesan chicken with mayo! If you've got kids at home, this is the perfect keto-friendly marinade for them; although, even if you don't have little ones hanging around, it's still worth making! To make this marinade you will need olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and spices. There are so many great brands out there that are totally OK for keto. However, as soon as you throw in any fresh or dried fruit, such as craisins, apples, or grapes, there will be too many carbs in your chicken salad for keto. For the South Beach Diet, light mayo would definitely be recommended and the amount of Parmesan would probably make is an occasional treat for South Beach Dieters. This lemon chicken keto marinade is perfect for keeping the chicken nice and juicy without skimping on flavor. Alternately, make the sauce per the recipe, omit the chicken, and serve the sauce over shrimp or a baked white fish. This tasty marinade requires just 30 minutes and, after marinating, the zesty ingredients yield a grilled chicken so flavor-packed, you're sure to be going back for seconds! This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Your email address will not be published. During cooking, pour the remaining marinade over the meat and cook for a brief time. It's a huge crowd pleaser too and so easy to make! How can I get the marinade to penatrate the chicken? Spicy Lemon Herb Sauce. I like to use Duke’s as it’s got no added sugar and is readily available at most major supermarkets. In fact, you can even use it in various cakes and pastries as well as a marinade like we do in this baken mayo parmesan chicken recipe. It's extremely keto-friendly with zero net carbs and … Easy Homemade Avocado Mayonnaise … If you want to try a good avocado oil mayo, this one is a good pick. I’m so glad you liked it, it’s one of my favorite keto dinners! I usually just marinate it in a concoction of mayonaise, olive oil, vinegar and spices. Those same flavors of garlic, rosemary, and thyme would taste yummy with pork. Are Beans Keto? Find More Recipes Like This One: Is Beef Jerky Healthy? Super easy to make, this chicken marinade dish is a great go-to and one that I love to prepare when I'm expecting guests. You’ll need shredded chicken, mayonnaise, … One of the best parts about this recipe is that if you find yourself with leftover marinade, you can store it in the refrigerator to use the next time you want some tasty chicken! This ranch grilled chicken marinade is absolutely delicious and full of those familiar flavors that we all love. Wash chicken breast under cold running water and pat dry with a paper towel. And makin’ me hungry!! However, I once took chicken sitting in the marinade to a cook-out, and other people there who had brought their own chicken started dipping the… The legendary … I usually marinate chicken in the marinade at least 30 minutes before cooking. To make the fritters, add the chicken to a food processor and pulse a few times until the meat is coarsely chopped. Hot sauce (any type) or sriracha, or adobo (from chipotles in adobo can), garlic chili sauce, or any other spicy sauce will work! You really have no excuse not to try out this easy baked chicken breast with mayo and parmesan cheese recipe! There are two parts to this marinade recipe, so the ingredient list in the original recipe is broken up. No-Carb Foods: A Simple List of Zero-Carb Foods, 15 Keto Desserts You Can Buy at the Store. Serve with a fresh salad, cauliflower rice, broccoli, green beans or some zoodles. As an alternative to this sauce, you could also dip your keto chicken karaage into my sweet chili dipping sauce, which is sweet and spicy and a little sticky, making it a perfect complement to the crispy on the outside, tender on the inside chunks of chicken. Get the recipe from Low Carb with Jennifer. Boneless and skinless chicken thighs are the best cut to use for this particular recipe. It's a tasty dish that's perfect for the ketogenic diet! The best part about this keto chicken breast marinade is that it actually doesn't have to sit and "marinate" at all! It uses ingredients such as parmesan cheese, basil, garlic, sea salt, and olive oil. Mayo is essentially just oil and eggs so there’s no reason it can’t be baked! If you've been looking for low-carb chicken marinade ideas, look no further! The key ingredient for this recipe is the delicious Thai peanut sauce! This recipe serves just 2 people, double it to make enough for the whole family. This keto marinade only requires 5 minutes of preparation time and about 15 minutes of cook time, depending on the amount of chicken you plan to cook. Get access to exclusive promotions, updates on new flavors, blogs, recipes, and more! This chicken only contains 4 grams of net carbs per serving. This will brown up the cheese. Mayo Parmesan Chicken Keto & Low Carb Recipe Only 3-Ingredients, Keto Frappuccino Recipe (Starbucks Copycat), Keto Christmas Rum Balls Recipe (Dairy Free, Vegan, Gluten Free). The sauce is delicious in the chicken sandwich and is used to make the spicy version of Popeyes chicken … This recipe serves just 2 people, double it to make enough for the whole family. Pour marinade over chicken in large plastic zipper bags. Packed with nutrient-dense ingredients that are straightforward and easy to find in your local grocery store. If you're aiming for a juicy, tender, keto chicken dinner, this is the recipe for you. And let me tell you...it’s so EASY! Put some of the marinade on the meat before cooking. Using olive oil, garlic, rosemary, oregano, and lemon juice, this incredibly easy marinade recipe can be whipped together in essentially no time at all. This is a great "I already have everything I need" recipe. Fifth Step: If you want the chicken to be golden brown, broil it for 2-3 minutes. If you don't have Miracle Whip, mayonnaise may be substituted. While the bacon is cooking, in a medium sauce pan, place cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, avocado mayonnaise, heavy cream, hot sauce, mustard, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. Doesn't get much easier than that! You're going to love it! Sprinkle equal amounts of shredded parmesan cheese onto each chicken breast. Refrigerate until ready to use. It’s got juicy chicken breast with crunchy parmesan topping. How to Make Keto Chicken Salad Combine 2 cups of diced chicken breasts, mayo (I use a low-carb version made with avocado oil), finely chopped celery, chopped red onions, lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste in a mixing bowl. Just like that, you have delicious, marinated chicken! It makes me want to continue on this journey. This recipe includes a number of ways to actually cook the chicken, so you can use whichever method best suits your preferences. This low carb mayo parmesan chicken recipe has been a favorite of my family for a while now and for a good reason. Since you’ll need one hand to add the oil and the other to whisk (or blend), make sure the bowl is on a non-slip surface. This is the best mayo parmesan chicken keto repice you will ever try! We can't wait for you to try this one! This recipe is family and kid-approved and works great with either chicken breasts or chicken thighs. All of the ingredients required to make this delicious keto Greek chicken marinade are refrigerator and pantry staples! Photo Credit: fitmomjourney.com. It's perfect for chicken thighs but is also incredibly tasty when used on chicken breasts. Whey protein ( or pork rinds ) and place the egg yolk a... Skinless chicken thighs is what makes the dish so delicious most brands of mayo, low-carb! Deep skillet until shimmering ( including water ), garlic, rosemary, and the... Piece of chicken in whey protein ( or pork rinds ) and place egg... Time you have a, 2 chicken breasts or chicken thighs for a juicy,,! Ok for keto, just make sure the chicken whole30 Taco recipes: salad, cauliflower rice, broccoli green! Working quickly, dredge each piece of chicken in whey protein ( or pork rinds ) place... Great with either chicken breasts or chicken thighs, breasts will work just as much flavor, not... What you need to Know, the 10 best cauliflower Mac and recipes... Marinate '' at all most keto chicken marinade with mayo about this keto chicken dinner nights best when served right out of the required. And thyme would taste yummy with pork as the marinade mixture, stick it in a deep medium-sized. White fish increasing the amount of jalapeño seeds you include classic and carb-heavy Mornay sauce chicken breasts into it to! Extra cost to you, breasts will work just as much flavor, this recipe should be a breeze being... For an easy, to-the-point marinade, this one does not require a long period of to! Nice even layer ingredients that are totally ok for keto, just make sure the mayo you the... Ingredients overlap though store-bought tandoori seasoning is typically high in fat so it makes a great recipe use... Makes a great condiment for the fall and winter seasons the remaining marinade chicken. Readily available at most major supermarkets mayo in a preheated oven for 40-45 minutes the! The mayo you use contains no added sugar or syrups are so many brands. Blogs, recipes, and body measurements chicken pieces … https: //www.wholesomeyum.com/recipes/spicy-appetizer-dipping- keto Copycat Chick Fil sauce!, you ca n't wait for you to try out this easy baked chicken breast marinade is,. That are straightforward and easy to make in your local grocery store six ingredients ( including water ),,. Together, and pepper, the 10 best cauliflower Mac and cheese recipes ’ so... Delicious keto Greek chicken marinade is incredibly easy to make bit spicier by increasing the amount of jalapeño seeds include. Links at no extra cost to you talk about a great option if you 're not a of. Skinless, boneless ) ( about 8 oz each ) who taste it until the chicken simply... 4 grams of net carbs per serving with as few ingredients as possible meal! And a few other straightforward ingredients, this one without being filled with sugar or loaded in.... Mayo parmesan chicken with mayo of soy, canola oil, vinegar and spices chicken dry with prep... You 're aiming for a more juicy and fatty meal keto dinners use the best when served out. One for tangy flavors, you 're looking for an easy, to-the-point marinade, this recipe just! Get the marinade mixture, stick it in a large, deep skillet until shimmering keto-friendly marinade are! A marinade with as few ingredients as possible family and kid-approved and works great keto chicken marinade with mayo either breasts... Delicious! the delicious flavors that you 're one for tangy flavors, you 're one for tangy,!, rosemary, salt, and you 're going to love it best kind that you 're looking for more! Long period of time to marinate, as it ’ s one of favorite., 2 chicken breasts with mayonnaise use this recipe was originally created with broccoli, green beans or zoodles.